We have some very interesting Word Search Puzzle Books for your enjoyment. Our Word Search Puzzle Books make outstanding gift ideas. Our Across America Series offers puzzle books for every state in the nation; each one chocked full of interesting places to search for.

The Across America Series also includes a 7-volume set of puzzle books exploring the plant life found all across North America; over 29,000 unique plants to search for!

The Medical Terminology with Definitions is our best seller, and is unique in that it not only provides a challenging puzzle; has the definitions of the terms in the back of the book. Superb gift for the medical student!

Our Bible Names word search puzzle book is created with EXTRA LARGE print and is a perfect gift for the senior citizen.

All of our Word Search Puzzle Books are under $10 and available on Amazon.

Why Word Search Puzzle Books

As we grow older it becomes evident our mental acuity begins to fade. Concerns regarding Alzheimer’s disease, and other dementia inducing conditions, become more pressing as we age.

While we cannot stop the inevitable journey toward old age, we can do something to mitigate the mental effects associated with it. Diet and exercise can be quite beneficial; but have you ever considered something as entertaining as a word search puzzle book?

Word games and word search puzzle books are not just for kids; adults can benefit greatly by engaging these types of games too. Our brains are amazingly complex, and seem to have a built in desire to solve problems.

Improve mental acuity through word search puzzles

Unfortunately, we have seemed to have succumbed to the numbing effect of information overload. When we have a few idle moments; we turn on the TV, or we grab a cell phone and surf the internet.

Why not do something to keep your mind engaged. Grab a crossword, or word search puzzle book and engage; besides, it’s a great deal of fun!

Check out these fun puzzles; they make wonderful gifts!

Across America SeriesStates

We have put together unique Word Search Puzzle Books for EVERY state in America; that’s right; 50 Puzzle Books! Imagine exploring any state from the comfort of your own home.

Word Search Puzzle Books USA Map

Depending on the individual state, the “word-searcher” will be searching for Cities, Towns and Villages. Some less populated states may include searches for Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Valleys, Glaciers, Canyons, Parks, Plant-Life and more.

These word search puzzle books also have stunning black and white photos interspersed through the pages, revealing many of the State Specific symbols, such as, State, Flag, Flower, Animal, Tree, etc. These “Extra” pages make these Puzzle Books a step above the normal Word Search Puzzle Book.

These puzzle books are so entertaining; it is not uncommon for those searching places to get an actual map, or google the location to see where it is actually located! We have attempted to list as many populated places in each state as we can!

You can see the whole Across America Series of Word Search Puzzles on Amazon

Across America Series Botany of North America

We have compiled an extensive list of Plant Life that you will find in North America. Each volume of the seven-volume set, contains 200 puzzles; each with 4200 different plants to search for!

A perfect gift for gardeners, horticulture enthusiasts, and avid Word Search devotees of all ages.” 

Grab all seven volumes for a complete set; that’s 29,400 plants to discover!

You can see the whole Across America Series – Botany of North America Word Search Puzzles on Amazon

Bible Names – Men and Women of the Scriptures – Large Print Edition

A great gift idea for everyone; especially for senior citizens! This Word Search Puzzle Book contains 105 easy to read, “Large Print”word search puzzles, containing over 2200 names of men and women of the Bible; some are easily recalled, yet others are rarely spoken of. 

Hours of great entertainment; perfect for road trips, for shut-ins, the elderly, and for Word-Search enthusiasts everywhere.

You can see the Bible Names Word Search Puzzle Book on Amazon

Medical Terminology – Including Definitions

Looking for the perfect gift for your medical student, or a challenging word search puzzle book for yourself? 

You just discovered it! 

We put together a Word Search puzzle book; “Medical Terminology with Definitions” that includes 1,880 Medical Terms, including definitions of every term in the back of the puzzle book. 

A great stress reliever for the busy medical student; offering a little recreation with a purpose.

The perfect little gift!

You can see the Medical Terminology Word Search Puzzle Book on Amazon

Across America Series -Word Search Puzzles – 50 States

Across America Series -Word Search Puzzles – Botany of North America

Bible Names – Men and Women of the Scriptures

Medical Terminology – Including Definitions