Increase Mental Acuity Through Word Games

As we grow older it becomes evident our mental acuity, begins to fade. Concern regarding Alzheimer’s disease, and other dementia inducing conditions, become more pressing as we age.

I know, having just turned 63, I find my train of thought can get side-tracked if I am not careful. Keeping my brain healthy and properly exercised is vitally important.

While we cannot stop the inevitable journey toward old-age, we can do something to mitigate the mental effects associated with it. Diet and exercise can be quite beneficial; but have you ever considered something as entertaining as a word puzzle?

Word games and puzzles are not just for kids; adults can benefit greatly by engaging these types of activities too. Our brains are amazingly complex, and they seem to be built with an innate desire to solve problems.

Too much idle time

Unfortunately, we have seemed to have succumbed to the numbing effect of information overload. When we have a few idle moments; we turn on the TV, or we grab a cell phone and surf the internet. There is nothing inherently wrong with this; but it does tend to disengage the mind.

Why not do something to keep your mind engaged; get those synapses clicking and thinking! Grab a crossword, or word search puzzle and engage; besides, it’s a great deal of fun!

We developed a series of Word Search Puzzles designed to truly engage the mind on many levels. We began working on a Word Search puzzle book for the State of Pennsylvania; our home state.

It was a great deal of fun putting it together. We found nearly every single city, town and village in the state, over 1800 of them! We also discovered the names of various mountains and we tossed those into the puzzle book too.

Going to into print

Copies were printed and given to friends; the result was amazing. As they began searching; they were recalling various places they had visited, and even began looking up places they never heard of, just to see where they were located.

The puzzle book also contained State symbols, such as the State Bird (Ruffed Grouse) State Animal (White-tailed Deer) State flag and more. We inserted high resolution BW photos of these symbols inside the puzzle book.

We had so much fun putting this puzzle book together, that we decided to make a Word-Search Puzzle book for each state. Now we have all 50 states available; we call them the “Across America Series of Word Search Puzzles.”

We have other Word Search Puzzles to enjoy as well; which can be found on our website or on Amazon.

Give it a try

Puzzle and word games could just be what you need to keep a healthy and sharp mind. You don’t need to be in a nursing home, or confined to a hospital bed, to enjoy one of these puzzles.

By the way, these make wonderful gifts, and might just help your aging parent, or friend, sharpen their mind too.

You can find out more about these puzzles and so much more right >>> HERE <<<