Pray Upside Down Small Group 15 Week Bible Study

Reignite Your Prayer Life and Ministry

This Small Group Bible Study is for everyone, for the new follower of Jesus, a real eye-opening revelation of truth, and for the seasoned Christian, a rediscovery of the awesome nature of our God, and our relationship to Him.

As a follower of Christ, you hold an influential position with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and yet for many in the Christian faith, these truths, often overlooked, misunderstood, or simply not known, tend to keep us from experiencing all God wants us to be.

Using Scripture, this Small Group Bible Study will reveal these truths to you, and with renewed confidence in your relationship to God, your prayer life will take on new meaning and effectiveness.

The Pray Upside Down 15-Week Bible Study is designed for the small group and is comprised of three sections; Conflict BeginsKingdom LifeSuit Up.

Five weeks covering each section, make it easy to break this study up into 3 individual parts, or work through all 3 parts consecutively.

Conflict Begins

In this first section, we examine how and why, the spiritual battle every Christian believer faces began, and you will learn how to pray with powerful and effective results; you will: 

  • uncover the reasons for the fall of humanity into sin
  • examine who the key players are
  • discover how you fit into the astonishing plan of God
  • unmask the devil, his tactics and schemes, his scope of influence
  • uncover the cause of his fall from heaven
  • rediscover God, His character, His plans, and your relationship to Him

Kingdom Life

In this section we will examine our role as adopted children into the Kingdom of God, and begin to discover what the Kingdom of God is really all about. We will:

  • explore the heavenly realm, discovering the true reason for our invitation there
  • learn how Jesus responded when His disciples asked Him to teach them how to pray
  • ask the Holy Spirit to search our heart deeply
  • ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit

Suit Up

In this final segment of this small group Bible study guide, we suit up, getting reading for battle; you will:

  • examine the full armor of God
  • learn what this armor is for, and how to wear it effectively
  • identify 6-Keys to the Kingdom, exploring what they unlock
  • rediscover our mission

This Small Group Bible Study will change your life and ministry forever!

God’s great hope for us is not simply the forgiveness of sins and a place in heaven when we die; but rather, He wants us totally restored, in heart, mind and soul . . . NOW!

As we enter into this amazing adventure with God, we soon recognize that we are a part of something tremendous, something that is beyond our earthy perspective, and we are transported into the heavens with Christ; we live, breathe, and find our being in Him!

Author Rock Pifer

Pray Upside Down, small group Bible study will help you rediscover how it all began, what happened in the Garden of Eden, who is the Devil really, and what is he up to today. You will head into the heavenly realms and discover profound truths concerning your relationship with God, and His incredible plan for you.

You will search your heart, preparing for a fresh baptism of the Holy Spirit. In this study, you will enter into God’s armory, suiting up with the whole armor of God. You will discover the Keys to the Kingdom given to you, and learn what they unlock.

Learning about your true nature in Christ, the authority given, the Sword of the Spirit, the covering armor, and the mission ahead, you will truly learn to Pray . . . Upside Down!

Get your gear; this is going to be good!

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