We have some very interesting Word-Search puzzles for your enjoyment.

First, we have put together a unique series of word search puzzle books; one for each state in America; that’s right; 50 Puzzle books!

Depending on the state, the “word-searcher” will be searching for Cities, Towns and Villages. Some states may include searches for Rivers, Lakes, Mountains, Valleys, Canyons, Parks, Plant-Life and more.

These puzzles also have stunning black and white photos interspersed through the pages, revealing the many of the State Specific symbols, such as, State, Flag, Flower, Animal, Tree, etc.

Secondly, we have compiled an extensive list of Plant Life that you will find in North America. Each volume of the seven-volume set, contains 200 puzzles; each with 4200 different plants to search for!

A perfect gift for gardeners, horticulture enthusiasts, and avid Word Search devotees of all ages.” 

Grab all seven volumes for a complete set; that’s 29,400 plants to discover!

Thirdly, a great gift idea; 105 easy to read, “Large Print”word search puzzles, containing over 2200 names of men and women of the Bible; some are easily recalled, yet others are rarely spoken of. 

Hours of great entertainment; perfect for road trips, for shut-ins, the elderly, and for Word-Search enthusiasts everywhere.

Across America Series –Word Search Puzzles – 50 States

Across America Series -Word Search Puzzles – Botany of North America

Bible Names – Men and Women of the Scriptures

Medical Terminology – Including Definitions