The perfect companion for your adventure; small enough to fit any day pack, or glove-box, yet with enough room (52 entries) to log all the important aspects of your journey. 

Getting outdoors; experiencing fresh air, all the sights and sounds of nature, can be intoxicating! If you are planning for a quick, one-day romp in the back-country with your 4×4, or heading out for an expended expedition, we have you covered! 


  • personal contact information
  •  start location
  •  trailhead and routes taken
  •  date – start – stop time
  •  weather conditions
  •  solo or with companion
  •  track GPS way-points
  • wild-life encountered 
  • convenient size 8.5″ x 6″


  • 52 Entries
  •  preparation checklists
  •  personal comment section

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