“Some fishing stories are a bit “fishy” if you know what I mean. If you only had a way to jot down what REALLY happened; how big the fish actually was, where you caught it, along with all the little details you need, to have a truly great fishing story to tell.”

Now you have the perfect companion to accomplish that very task!

A simple and easy way to track all of your fishing adventures, never forget a special moment, or location again. Durable gloss cover, lightweight and special size (8 ½” x 6”) easily fits in any day pack.

Helpful Features:

  • personal contact information
  • emergency contact
  • start location
  • date – start – stop time
  • weather conditions
  • solo or with companion
  • track GPS way-points
  • lures – bait used
  • fish type caught
  • preparation checklists
  • personal comments – impressions

Order yours today, and never let the memories of your special fishing adventure evaporate before you get home again.

Great gift too!

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