We offer an exceptional line of Celebration of Life Memorial Guest Books, 30 designs created specifically for the character attributes of your loved one; available in soft cover or hardback.

Preparing for a Celebration of Life Funeral or Memorial Service

Memorial services are never easy; quite often coming unexpectedly and with great heartache. The stress of pulling everything together in a short amount of time can be overwhelming.

The first step in negotiating the way forward is locate a trusted Funeral Director. You might consider asking a friend or co-worker, if they know of a Funeral Home that they trust in.

Give the Funeral Home a call. They will want to know what kind of services you are requesting such as cremation urn, or casket burial. You may also request estimated cost of each, with your initial phone call; but be aware that costs can vary a great deal depending on your preferences.

Schedule a Meeting

When you have a scheduled appointment with the Funeral Director, they will want to know about your loved one; special interests, life story, and anything you would like to be made known publicly.

The director may use this information to help put together a meaningful obituary notice; should you choose to publish one.

The process at the Funeral Home may also include filing an official death certificate; scheduling the funeral services you request, the religious affiliation if any, and contacting a requested priest or minister you may prefer to use.

Additionally, come prepared with Social Security Number, date of birth, place of birth, father’s name, mother’s name, veteran discharge papers if applicable, education, occupation, and any appropriate insurance papers.

Celebration of Life Memorial Guest Books

Finally, consider finding an appropriate guest book for the day of the funeral or memorial service. This will be a timely treasure to remember those who were able to stop by and sign the book. One of our Celebration of Life Memorial Guest Books may be just what you are looking for.

Multiple Design Options Available

All of our customized Celebration of Life Memorial Guest Books are designed to exemplify the character of your particular loved one.

With 30 Design Choices to choose from, we are sure you will find just the right guest book your loved one deserves.

Two Versions – Hard Cover Matte Finish or Soft Cover High Gloss

We offer two versions of our Celebration of Life Memorial Guest Books, a Premium Hard Cover version, and economical Soft Cover version.

Soft Cover Version

The Soft Cover version measures 8.25″ x 8.25″ and has a durable high gloss cover. The first page contains a high resolution black and white picture of the cover art, along with a space to write the name of your loved one.

The Soft Cover version has 100 pages, with space for over 750 names with space for each to write a remembrance or special note.

Premium Hardcover

The Premium Hard Cover version measures 7.25″ x 10.25″ and has luxurious matte finish. The first also page contains a high resolution black and white picture of the cover art, along with a space to write the name of your loved one.

Additionally, the Premium Hard Cover contains room for 500 couples or 1000 individuals, with space for each to share a remembrance as well.

Affordable Pricing

All Hard Cover Guest Books are $21.95Soft Cover Guest Books are $12.95; both are available on Amazon now. Select any design and you will have an opportunity to purchase.

Our Condolences to You and Your Family

Every time one of our gust books are purchased, we offer a prayer for the family who has the need to purchase one. May you find strength and hope during this difficult time.

More Guest Books

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