Welcome to our Small Group Bible Studies page. The Bible studies we offer here are designed for small groups. Our first Bible study is ready now; Pray Upside Down: 15 Week Bible Study – “You Have Been Seated with Christ in the Heavenly Realms”

Pray Upside Down Small Group 15 Week Bible Study

Facilitating an Effective Small Group Bible Study

Pray for each member of your small group throughout the week. The goal of your small group Bible study, is about learning the Word of God together, it is also about sharing life together, beyond the context of the weekly meeting.

Take time to preview the lesson ahead of time, anticipating group responses and considering points of discussion. Be sure to pray for God to open hearts and minds to the spiritual truths revealed.

Start and stop the meeting promptly at the designated times, honoring those who arrive on schedule; and allowing those who may have a babysitter, or other obligations, to leave the group without feeling awkward.

Start the meeting with an icebreaker; ask the group to answer a safe, revealing question: What is your favorite dessert; who was your childhood super-hero, where were you born, etc.

Avoid doing all the speaking in the group; participation from each member is the goal.

Be the first to share your heart when difficult and sensitive discussions come up, opening the door for others to share too. It is okay to be vulnerable.

If you do not know the answer to a specific question, be candid, and let the group know that you do not know the answer, but that you will do your best to find the answer, and bring it next week.

Portions of this study are intense, and may cause a few uncomfortable moments, be sure to treat those moments prayerfully, with great care and compassion.

Finally, enjoy the journey with your small group, get together after the study is over; do a prayer event, or a fun activity together.