Welcome to Abiding Line Publishing

Officially launched in February 2021, Abiding Line Publishing first offered an amazing series of Word Search Puzzles.

Challenging and engaging, these word search puzzles are ideal gift ideas for teens, adults and especially senior citizens.

Abiding Line Publishing offers Journals and Notebooks

Inspirational Notebooks; 15 design options with stunning covers and Scripture verse. Available in soft cover or hardback; perfect for note taking, journaling, or just doodling.

School Class Notebooks; perfect sized notebooks (8″ x 10″) for taking notes, memos, classes, journaling, doodling and more! Each of our notebooks have a stunning high gloss cover

Outdoor Adventure Journals; Enjoying a day hike, or a trip down a back-road in your car; perhaps a camping or fishing expedition, or some other outdoor adventure, we have outdoor adventure journals for every occasion!

Automotive Logbook and Journal; Whether your car or truck is brand new, a vintage classic, or a second-hand beater; to keep it running smoothly requires a consistent maintenance plan. Be sure and have an automotive logbook in your glove box, to keep track of all your vehicle service needs.

Women’s Devotional Prayer Journals; Uniquely designed for women, these prayer journals will help direct your daily prayer and devotional experience with God. Additionally, these make very thoughtful gift ideas too!

Bible Studies

Pray Upside Down: 15 Week Bible Study; This Small Group Bible Study is for everyone, for the new follower of Jesus, a real eye-opening revelation of truth, and for the seasoned Christian, a rediscovery of the awesome nature of our God, and our relationship to Him.

You will head into the heavenly realms and discover profound truths concerning your relationship with God, and His incredible plan for you. 

Abiding Line Publishing Guest Books

Celebration of Life Guest Books; offering an exceptional line of Celebration of Life Memorial Guest Books, 30 designs created specifically for the character attributes of your loved one; available in soft cover or hardback.

Birthday Party Guest Books; Our Birthday Party Guest Books are the perfect addition to complement your birthday celebration plans; 21 design options to choose from.

Vacation Home Guest Books; Keeping a record of the guests visiting your vacation home will be a great way to remember who they were, where they were from, and is a perfect help in reaching out to them for the next vacation they plan.

Abiding Line Publishing Merchandise

We also offer a line of Merchandise; including T-Shirts, Tumblers, Mugs, Hoodies, Tote-Bags and much more!